Domain Testut's History


chablis 1973Since 1998, Cyril Testut took over the family Domain, created by his father Philippe Testut in 1967, himself at the origin of « Château Grenouille ».


Domain and vineyards are located in the historic heart of the vineyards traditionally defined by the Cistercian monks. Testut Domain vineyards in Chablis are an average age of 40 years and over 50 years for Premier Cru and Grand Cru. The largest part of the vineyards comes Massale selection, which allows perfect control field production.


Highly developed root system of vines from Testut Domain draw deep richness of the soil mineral iodine which makes the reputation of Chablis wine. 80% of Chablis AOC products are on the right bank of the Serein, between Montee de Tonnerre Premier Cru and Blanchots Grand Cru, one of the most mineral part of the vineyard.


The vineyards of Testut Domain are located in the exposure and obtain a perfect balance between ripeness and minerality. In gastronomy, Chablis is prized for its finesse and elegance in the association of many different foods such as processed meats, snails, sausage, white meats and many fish and crustaceans. All Premier Cru, a major part of the domain and Grand Cru are harvested manually.


This is for the winemaker Cyril Testut, the garantee of a great quality wine.